This has been an extremely hard week for humanity.  As a non-violent individual, and one who struggles with anxiety, I find myself frozen in fear wondering where we are headed during the next weeks and months.  It is clear that things need to change.  Things NEED to change!  There is deep-seated pain in America.  There is anger.  There is fear.  There are tears.  America it is time to heal yourself.  The voices of ugliness need to be drowned out.  Acts of violence need to stop.  The bullying culture needs to go; it NEVER served us.  Time to let that go.

Voices of peace and love need to be louder.  There are peaceful and kind people in America.  There are true patriots who want all residents to prosper and live their best lives. Yet these people are not going to come out with guns blazing, with hate speech, with extremist actions.  They are your considerate neighbors, your kind coworkers, your quiet and perhaps also shy friends.  People in your communities who serve you with a smile and a kind word.  Notice these people.  Notice the kind love within these steadfast quiet souls.

Yesterday I felt useless as one of these individuals.  I felt fear as violence erupted from demonstrations meant to be peaceful.  My anxiety surged.  When I closed my eyes to meditate all I could think when I tried to focus on my breath was “#icantbreathe”.  The movement is that powerful!  This nation witnessed trauma together.  Those of us already healing from other traumas are struggling even more.  We have definitely reached the breaking point America and it is time to stop.  

Sending light and love…

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I'm a lab rat turned yogi. My interests lie in how yoga and meditation can help healthcare workers (and other frontline workers) relieve both physical and mental stress. Other interests include green living, clean eating, minimizing chemical exposure in our homes, and finally finding inner peace while minimizing anxiety.

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