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Laboratory workers: wrist injuries and yoga solutions

One of the most common types  of workplace injuries found in laboratory workers involve the wrists.  Manipulation of small specimen tubes, pipetting, and keyboarding are tough on our wrists.  Over time this can lead to problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take the Pain Out of Pipetting is a pamphlet from the California Department of Health Services which provides information about how to help ease your pain at work.  It also explains some laws regarding Repetitive Motion Injuries.  Check it out!

In the meantime you probably want to ease some pain.  Or interested in some simple ways to help prevent wrist problems from even starting.  Either way I suggest watching and following along with Tara Stiles as she leads you through a short 5 minute video.  Don’t worry, you will need no yoga experience at all to reap the benefits!

Some tips:

  • breathe fully and deeply as you try the exercises
  • do what feels good for you
  • if 10 reps seem too many, try 5

To your health

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